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Life is settling into a pattern.

My filing job isn't the most exciting, but I do listen to music/audiobooks all day and get paid to do so. I'm still grading 1 or 2 essays per day. Craig got a 500 pound bonus last month. We're doing fine financially, but I'm so used to worrying about money that it's a hard habit to break. I suppose it's because I don't have a permanent job...I could be back to being unemployed in a few weeks.

I hate grading essays. I've done hundreds of them this year and I'm tired of it, but I should make enough this quarter to pay my mom back the $500 I owe her and have enough spending money for when I visit in December.

There's a full-time admin job at the gym I'm temping for I'm going to go for. It's 20-23k a year, meaning between the both of us we'd be making 40k! That would be amazing. We also might be able to stay at a flat for nearly nothing, but I have to convince Craig that it's smarter to live in a flat in a horrible high rise for a couple years and then be able to afford to buy a nice flat rather than pay 500+ per month and not be able to buy for 5 or 6 years. We'll see. I might not even get the admin job because many people have applied. I'm sure some have more experience than me, but I've also already been there for a couple of weeks and I would be sad to leave. It's a difficult job but I'm sure I could do it. We'll see.

It's difficult to get back into writing. I bring a notebook with me to work and write notes during my lunch break. I'm reading a book on how to write a mystery. I think I need to just take a break for awhile and plan the intricacies of the plot and then go back to it, hopefully more confident than I was before.

This weekend was nice. David, Craig's eldest brother, is a chef and he made us a delicious dinner and a cake congratulating us on our marriage. Afterwards we saw Up in 3D with Euan and Phil. I love that film so much. Yesterday we saw Julie & Julia and had lunch at pizza express, and in the evening I went bowling and out for drinks with co-workers. I was social! With girls! My own age! What!

My Sunday night is busy...I have to grade 2 essays, compile the job application for the admin position, and perhaps write a review for my book reviewing blog. I have to pack lunch and maybe buy my ticket home for December. Today we broke down the bed that squeaked every time we moved, so maybe we can actually have sex more, hurray!


It all ended up coming together pretty well, thankfully.

Not much time for a proper entry because I'm about to go to Muir Woods with family. I will post more later and spam photos when they come together. I had a good time even though I was sick as a dog. I felt very beautiful as a bride.

Writer's Block: Swine Times

Are you worried about catching the swine flu? Do you have a plan for avoiding contagion or dealing with quarantine?
For fuck's sake, NO. No one outside of Mexico has died from it, there are only about 80 cases of it in the U.S., and it seems that if it's caught and, you know, treated, that people are fine.

There was a girl in my English class wearing a face mask today. I wanted to pry it off of her. There are no cases in the Bay Area. But then near the end of class she took it off...maybe she realized we were all sniggering at her?

But no, I don't really have any plans. If it turns out people really are dying from it and it spreads like wildfire and actually becomes a cause for concern, my roommate and I will buy a shitload of canned food and hunker down. We're practically hermits anyway.

My very OCD list of books, short stories, films, and tv shows read/watched/to be read.

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Total=47,062 pages
Pages for school: 8,979
Books for school: around 33
Average pages per book: 301 (+ 6.2 books worth of extra short stories, plays, and articles)
Average pages read per day: 129
Books per week: 2.9
Re-reads: 11
Graphic novels: 34
1001 Books to Read Before you Die: 19

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Why yes, I am a gigantic nerd. Why do you ask?
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*collapses from relief*

Wow. Now I'm working way more than I need to. Oh well. I can drop down working next quarter, or just try to save a fair amount. I'd like some money to spend on a ghetto wedding/honeymoon/moving costs anyway.